One Click Pony

One Click Pony

One Click Pony is self-service handicapping!


Pick the date, pick the track, pick from several popular biases, pick the delivery method - and go!

Pay by PayPal or secure credit card transaction.

View the handicapping product on the screen (and print) or have it sent to your inbox as an attachment.


It does not need to be any more complicated than that!

Get started NOW!


Click the link here to get started: One Click Pony


Advanced One Click Pony users can buy their data files from BRIS and then upload them to One Click Pony. Advanced users can also save their custom handicapping settings and delivery preferences.

To register with BRIS, click the banner below and follow the instructions to sign up with them.


Need the instruction manual One Click Pony? You can get it here. The instructions may help the first time through, but after that, it is really easy to use.

Give it a try! If you want a sample file, let us know and we will send one to you.

Best of luck!